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The Horse we all tried to SAVE    

On 9th Aug 2012, Mr Pradeep Ratore from Farukhabad (outside Agra District) contacted Mrs. Maneka Gandhi and informed her about a stray horse which was wandering about in the city. It was in a pathetic condition. Its right fore limb was swollen and its hoof had grown in an awkward manner.  I was informed via Delhi office. Mr Rathore was contacted. He agreed to send the horse to Agra. Unfortunately the van bringing the horse reached Agra after 12 hrs. The driver of the van had stopped on the way and he went to sleep. The poor horse had to stay up all night with his bad leg. As soon as the horse reached the shelter, it just stepped out of the van and collapsed on the ground. We gave it water to drink. He was so thirsty that it literally drank gallons of it!!

It was then fed hay and grams and was given a thorough rubbing to get back its circulation. Slowly it was able to stand and we took it outside to graze on the green grass.

Our vet examined the horse and also another vet from the Brookes Hospital. They both informed us that the prognosis was not very favourable. We did not want to take the decision of putting it to sleep. We first wanted to do the best we could to save it. The will of the horse to live was paramount in this decision. After this it became easier as to what line of action we should take.

Dr Upadhaya of Brookes Mathura India was consulted and he cleaned the tissues on the foot with potassium permanganate. All the maggots were removed. It was given a course of antibiotics and alongside multivitamins for three days. Thereafter we regularly carried out antiseptic dressing. It was provided an improved diet of 'jowar' and grams (jowar is a kind of cereal). It seemed that the horse had found a place where it could be cared for and where it knew that when it died people were there to feel saddened by its death. Its condition deteriorated and the day came when it could not stand. Finally on 27th Aug 2012 it died its natural death in the loving arms of the paravet who was giving it water to drink. It was given a warm farewell and buried in the shelter itself.

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 Animals treated  :  682

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 Goats       :   01

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 Salary      : INR 45,150/-
 India      :  INR 40,283/- 
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