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     On 19th Nov 2012 a kind Samaritan brought in a pedigreed female dog who was walking round the Gurudwara (Sikh temple). She was lost and the temple authorities had no idea of the owner. Obviously it was callously abandoned by its owner.  Though he /she had the good intention of leaving it at the footstep of a holy place.

     The good lord is there for these abandoned ones and this female dog was brought to our shelter. We named the dog BEANY because it was painfully thin and in poor physical condition. She was kept in a separate kennel and was under observation. Food and water was provided but she ate and drank nothing, probably because of the heart break.  

     During this period we noticed that there was pus like fluid oozing out of her vagina and she was diagnosed as having uterine infection. Treatment was started the next day and she responded well to the treatment. She started taking food?maybe slowly realizing that she was safe here and would not be left stranded. After a period she was let out of her kennel and she adjusted to the ways of the shelter.

     In our shelter the dogs have a free access to running around as they please. I firmly believe that there should be some place on earth that can truly be called theirs. At night she is given a separate room with bedding and she knows that it is her place.

     Although Beany is fine at the moment, the harsh environment can take its toll especially as she is still weak and has not regained her full strength. But we are hopeful that we will have her with us for a long time and she will have a wonderful peaceful life with us.


Please let us know if you would like to sponsor Beany.

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A page from the life of PFA Agra
  • Jain Community donated INR 5100/- and has also offered to construct a bird ward. 
  • Agra is famous for its Ram Barat programme (a procession to honor Ram who is revered by Hindus). Last year, the Ram Barat committee used an elephant for the procession much against the wildlife authorities. One of our PFA well wisher Sri Gulzar fought for a year to see that this never happens again. His efforts paid off and this year the elephant was not used. PFA Agra thanks Mr. Gulzar for his efforts and determination.
  • A French National Ms. Cecelia had come to PFA Agra for 10 days to do volunteer work. She donated a sum of INR 14,000 (=200 euros)

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