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On a cold Christmas day (25th Dec, 2010), we received a call from Mr. Rakesh Goswami.  He brought to our shelter a little kitten. It was suffering from Pneumonia and Diarrhoea. It was such a small bundle of fur that it seemed impossible for it to survive. Kathrin, the Dutch volunteer took it in her folds and decided to give it her best shot to save the little kitten. She named this little kitten Basmati. Fortunately she did succeed in saving her life and with incredible perseverance she pulled Basmati from the brink of death. Along with Chapatti (another little kitten in our shelter), Basmati gained good health. Chapatti and Basmati bonded. Kathrin had to finally go back to her country and she was sad to leave her little kittens behind. But her departure was inevitable. However she left a small gift for the person who would be ready to adopt both. Finally we found Deepti, a member of PFA Agra, who was willing to adopt both the kittens. We were thrilled at the prospect that both these kittens will get a loving home. On 27th Mar 2011 both Basmati and Chapatti were taken in by Deepti. We were all happy and feeling relaxed.

Sadly, our happiness didn't last long. On 31st Mar 2011 Deepti brought back Basmati because she had stopped eating food and was slowly wasting away.  We put her on a drip to provide nutrition, but she still kept deteriorating. On 4th April she very quietly passed on to better place. We buried her in the shelter with heavy hearts. Situations like these can be quite disheartening and de-motivating. We did our best to give her a loving home, but destiny had something else in store for her. But on the other hand, Chapatti is still doing well in her new home, which brings some consolation to us..

Dear Basmati rest in peace


 ABC Operations  :  24
 Animals treated  :  718

 Monkeys   :  01   
 Cats         :   03
 Donkeys   :   05
 Cows        :   21
 Buffaloes :   NIL
 Horse       :   01
 Dogs        :   50
 Birds        :   02

 Medicine : INR 13,931/-
 Food        : INR 21,640/-
 Salary      : INR 36,947/- 

 India      :  INR 1,62,902/- (1,00,000 from
                  Nagar Nigam for ABC operations) 
 Europe   :  NIL
 America :  NIL

"IF YOU GIVE UP, THEY GIVE UP", a heart-wrenching video on youtube. Although this animation is on global warming, but it DOES make you stop and think how much animals depend on us to support them. Thought it would be good to share it with everyone

A page from the life of PFA Agra
  • Ms. Elke Winkler was here in the shelter for 2 weeks. She comes almost every year to the shelter to do volunteering work. We thank her for her continuous support.
  • Nagar Nigam Agra has given us an installment of INR 1,00,000 (1 lakh) for ABC operations.

How YOU can help us
  • Forwarding our e-Newsletter to people who care for animals
  • Asking people to subscribe to our e-Newsletter either by sending us a mail directly or via our website (http://www.pfa-agra.org/e-newsletter)
  • Collecting a small monthly donation in your locality from people who want to donate
  • Forwarding our e-Newsletter to organisations in your area who donate for the cause of animals
  • Telling people about our organisation
  • Inviting people to look at our website (www.pfa-agra.org)
  • Sending us a list of people who are willing to donate INR 150 - 600 (~2.5-10 euros) per month. Even if we have 400 people willing to donate INR 1800 per year (~30 euros per year) at the rate of INR 150 per month (~2.50 euros per month), majority of our expenditure in the shelter will be met.