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This is a story of a dog that lost his identity when he was left abandoned at our gates. On 15th July, our employee, Manoj who wakes up early in the morning to prepare food for the inmates of the hospital, saw that a dog had been tied to the gate. An unidentified person had left a brown Labrador at the gates of PFA Agra. Initially seeing the size of the dog, Manoj was afraid to approach it. However, after gathering up some courage, he approached the abandoned soul, and to his surprise, he found the dog wagging his tail in a friendly manner. On opening the gate it started to lick him, as if to say, "Please be friends with me..." Once the doctor reached the hospital, he was informed about the abandoned dog. On examining the dog, he found out that it was a bitch (she had neither any tag nor any collar) and had very severe uterine infection. Large amount of pus was oozing out from the vagina. In summary, her general condition was weak. The prognosis was grave. She was treated with anti-biotic and her uterine tract was flushed with anti-biotic and antiseptics.10 days on, her condition improved but she is yet not out of the woods. We are trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible and trying to rehabilitate her to the life of the shelter. We are seeing positive signs now in her behaviour. She is getting used to the life of the shelter and fights for food as any street dog would. Her size intimidates the other dogs and they are showing a healthy respect for her.


Abandoning a dog is not unusual in India. It is not uncommon for us to come across an abandoned dog. The sad part is, only a few reach our shelter. Many are abandoned on the roadside and they die on the roadside. Dogs that have been brought up in a house by humans, never learns how to find their own food or fend for themselves. If such a dog is abandoned on the street, they usually die due to starvation, accidents or end up in fights with other street dogs (that are more acclimatised for the life on the street), get severely injured and die a slow and painful death. Our request to all dog owners out there: PLEASE DONT ABANDON YOUR DOG on the streets. The least you can do is try to find an animal shelter in your locality or find someone who would be willing to adopt it. The dog didn't ask to be adopted, it was YOU who took the decision to own a dog, so please take the responsibility for it. The above story of Bruno has a relatively happy ending as compared to many other abandoned dogs on the streets. In this case, atleast the owner had the decency to bring her to the shelter. We are not saying what the owner did was good, but it is atleast one step better than abandoning her on the streets.


Please let us know in case anyone of you would like to sponsor gentle BRUNO

 ABC Operations  :  23
 Animals treated  :  681

 Monkeys   :  05   
 Cats         :   02
 Donkeys   :   04
 Cows        :   12
 Buffaloes :   NIL
 Horses      :   1 
 Dogs        :   63
 Birds        :   01
 Goats       :   01

 Medicine : INR 4,027/-
 Food        : INR 17,323/-
 Salary      : INR 45,028/-
 India      :  INR 2,47523 /- (Including grant of            
                                            Nagar  Nigam)
 Europe   :  NIL
 America :  NIL

A short video of our newly constructed monkey enclosure
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A page from the life of PFA Agra
  • Throughout the month of July anti-rabies camps were conducted in various parts of the city. We had advertised in the paper regarding the camps to be held. People contacted us and our team would go there. In total, we organised 7 camps in the month of July, vaccinating around 90 dogs. We were able to do this with the help of Nagar Nigam who provided us with these vaccines.
  • Nagar Nigam has sanctioned a grant of INR 5,00,000 (5 lakhs) to PFA Agra for ABC programme. We have received the first installment of INR 2,22,500 (2.2 Lakhs). In July we did 23 operations.  

How YOU can help us
  • Forwarding our e-Newsletter to people who care for animals
  • Asking people to subscribe to our e-Newsletter either by sending us a mail directly or via our website (http://www.pfa-agra.org/e-newsletter)
  • Collecting a small monthly donation in your locality from people who want to donate
  • Forwarding our e-Newsletter to organisations in your area who donate for the cause of animals
  • Telling people about our organisation
  • Inviting people to look at our website (www.pfa-agra.org)
  • Sending us a list of people who are willing to donate INR 150 - 600 (~2.5-10 euros) per month. Even if we have 400 people willing to donate INR 1800 per year (~30 euros per year) at the rate of INR 150 per month (~2.50 euros per month), majority of our expenditure in the shelter will be met.