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Little Chichi    


The following story is submitted by a PFA Agra member, Purnima Sharma.


     I am narrating a beautiful and memorable experience. Some years ago a girl from the neighborhood came to me with a little cardboard box and said that she wanted my help. The next moment began a beautiful story because when I opened the box, to my surprise I saw a tiny baby squirrel [the ones that we call chipmunks] sleeping soundly, wrapped in a little piece of cloth. The girl told me that it had fallen from the tree nearby and she couldn't take care of such a tiny creature. It was decided that it was in my custody.

     We named it Chichi and prepared a small nest like home for little Chichi. Now, little Chichi lived in a fruit basket in small wraps and blanket. It was given luke warm milk with the smallest dropper available. With time, little Chichi started growing and took to eating like any other squirrel so we all decided to let it have a natural life. One fine morning in May, I perched it on the tree in my yard and stood to see Chichi's reaction. The little beauty sat comfortably and looked at me as if ready to adjust to his natural habitat. I felt that my mission was done and turned back to enter the house. But the next second I heard a little swish and chichi was sitting on my shoulder. I tried my best but Chichi was not to be separated from us. Now the routine was that twice Chichi was taken for a walk. The walks used to last a very long time but Chichi was the master and the whole family yielded to his wish. Thus, the whole family lived happily till the Almighty separated us. Little Chichi died and was buried under the tree from which it had fallen. But, he still lives in our memory and will always do so.

     Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of Chichi but the story has a strong message in it. However small an animal, the very act of reaching out, helping the creature and saving its life, itself makes it a beautiful and a memorable experience. Never turn a bling eye to the sufferings of an animal, however small it is. One act of kindness can make a difference of life and death for that animal.

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  • On 2nd of Jan Dan Philips from the US came to Agra. He has been conducting outreach in the US for a decade , and he had to come to India to share his experiences and knowledge. Dan has also been nominated as an 'Ambassador for India's Animals'. PFA Agra helped conduct an outreach program where we targetted the youth of Agra to show them the benefit of eating vegetarian food. We gathered a few volunteers and they helped us spread the word

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