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On 28th of February Mr. Tom Griffin from the USA contacted me. On the phone he informed me that he would like to help my organization. I was a bit stunned because we generally do not get such a phone call even when we hope for one. Someone out of the blue ringing up and telling us that he wants to help us was entirely unbelievable. "Was it a hoax..???", was the thought running through my mind. However putting aside these thoughts I decided to meet him the next day. 

We met and all nagging thoughts were banished from mind when I met Tom in person. He is the most honest and sincere person I have had the honour of meeting. He was genuine in his intentions. He really did want to help our organization. He had seen a dog, which had met with an accident and was paralyzed waist down. He contacted a well known veterinary doctor in Agra, Dr Maonj Gupta. He examined the dog and put Tom in contact with us. Tom wanted to adopt the dog and wanted it cared for at the shelter. It was brought to the shelter and thus our association was forged.

I asked Tom to visit our shelter to see first hand what work we do. As he had come to Agra for some business meeting he could not be free before evening. In the meantime the dog that he sent was safely ensconced in the shelter out of all harm's way. Finally he could make it but unfortunately it was getting late. And darkness was descending.  However in the twilight he saw PFA Agra shelter and Lucky (the name he chose to keep for her). The idea behind the name was that the dog was lucky to have been noticed by Tom, he was lucky to have got PFA contact and we at PFA were lucky to have met both of them.

Tom wanted the best for her. He didn't want to spare any expenses in her care. Unfortunately Lucky's prognosis was not so good. We told the same to Tom and we assured him that we would do the best we could and would leave the rest in God's hands.

Dr Manoj, the consulting vet, and the doctor at our shelter, Dr Anup Goyal, were the capable hands treating Lucky. No treatment was overlooked and no expense was spared. Tom had given us more than enough money for her treatment. He was sponsoring Lucky and we were doing our best to save her. Sadly, because of her old age and internal injuries she breathed her last on 12th March. She was buried in our shelter and Tom was informed the very same day.

He is still associated with us and has promised future help also. We thank people like Tom who actually do what they say they want to do. He took time off for a street dog of Agra and saw to it that we do the best within our means. Bless him.

 ABC Operations  :  19
 Animals treated  :  745
 Monkeys   :  05   
 Cats         :   02
 Donkeys   :   05
 Cows        :   31
 Buffaloes :   NIL
 Horses      :   NIL 
 Dogs        :   63 + 14 pups = 77
 Birds        :   01
 Goats       :   NIL
 Medicine : INR 5,764/-
 Food        : INR 36,857/-
 Salary      : INR 71,404/-
 India      :  INR 1,01,717/- 
 Europe   :  NIL
 America :  INR 2,60,821/-

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A page from the life of PFA Agra
  • Members of the Jain Samaj came to our shelter and took the estimate of constructing the bird ward. They have promised us to start the work as soon as possible.
  • We have been wanting to get uniforms for our staff for sometime now. Fortunately for us, one of the member of Jain Samaj deals in uniforms. He prepared the uniforms at a minimal cost price. We thank him for his effort.
  • Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Tom Griffin and Mr. Cowasjee for their generous donations to PFA Agra.

How YOU can help us
  • Forwarding our e-Newsletter to people who care for animals
  • Asking people to subscribe to our e-Newsletter either by sending us a mail directly or via our website (http://www.pfa-agra.org/e-newsletter)
  • Collecting a small monthly donation in your locality from people who want to donate
  • Forwarding our e-Newsletter to organisations in your area who donate for the cause of animals
  • Telling people about our organisation
  • Inviting people to look at our website (www.pfa-agra.org)
  • Sending us a list of people who are willing to donate INR 150 - 600 (~2.5-10 euros) per month. Even if we have 400 people willing to donate INR 1800 per year (~30 euros per year) at the rate of INR 150 per month (~2.50 euros per month), majority of our expenditure in the shelter will be met.