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Around 7 July 2011 a pup was brought to our shelter. She was suffering from severe skin infection. Pup was completely without any hair and was very weak. We admitted her and thus started her treatment. It seemed that the pup would not survive because of  her weakened condition and also because it was extremely scared of human contact. It was kept isolated because of the skin condition.

It was so timid that it was always terrified. It would try to hide on seeing the vet. Definitely, we were determined to help her out. Very gradually she realized that we were no threat to it. The response to our treatment was very slow, however positive. The general condition very gradually started to improve with proper care and also proper food. The skin infection too showed signs of improvement. Hair started making its appearance.  Her shyness started receding but the timidity continued. She was still afraid of the bigger dogs and she would keep herself aloof. Therefore we kept her in a separate dog ward where we keep all the timid dogs together. Slowly her trust of humans increased and finally she too was a permanent member of the shelter.

Today, she has grown up to be a beauty. Her hair is her shining glory. Because she was so tiny when she came to us, we named her Munni (little one)  

Now she is one and a half years old.

We are looking for a good heart, one who will cherish her as we have. Is there anyone of our readers who is willing to adopt her and keep her as a family member?

 ABC Operations  :  18
 Animals treated  :  716
 Monkeys   :  06   
 Cats         :   02
 Donkeys   :   06
 Cows        :   33
 Buffaloes :   NIL
 Horses      :   NIL 
 Dogs        :   65
 Birds        :   01
 Goats       :   NIL
 Medicine : INR 22,490/-
 Food        : INR 1,15,498/- (including fodder)
 Salary      : INR 84,535/-

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Indian Nationals can directly wire transfer Indian Rupees to our ICICI account:
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IFSC Code      :  ICIC0006287
P.S. A humble request to all our well wishers who donate to PFA AGRA. Once you initiate a wire transfer to either FCRA account or ICICI account, please inform us at suratprasad@gmail.com so that we can track the transfer and send a donation recipt for transfers more than INR 100. PFA Agra thanks all our donors for their kind donation to help our four-legged friends.
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  • Forwarding our e-Newsletter to people who care for animals
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