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This is a story of a dog named RAMPI. He is a pomeranian and was abandoned by his owner. Nothing new, sadly.


On 20th April, a person named Ankit phoned  PFA Agra and told that a pomerian dog has been with them. He told us that his owner has left him on the road to fend for himself. On receiving this complaint, our para-vet reached the area and searched for the details about the dog. He validated the story of the caller. It was true that the dog belonged to area Krishna Kunj where his owner had left him and he was being cared for by Ankit who took pity on the dog and also called PFA Agra.


When we met Rampi, he had an injury over his right eye and his eyeball was completely damaged. When this dog arrived into the shelter, as is the procedure, our doctor went to examine him. He immediately recognised the dog because the same dog was brought to OPD of PFA hospital earlier and we referred him to Mathura Veterinary College for extirpation of his eyeball. We realised that since the condition of his eye was so poor and since he was JUST a dog to them (unfortunately this is the way many people think) his owners deemed fit to abandon him. Who is going to spend money on a dog??


We provided treatment to RAMPI to cure his eye. Although the injury has healed, he has lost his eyesight completely in that eye. Fortunately his other eye is still good.


The stress of being abandoned, the trust that RAMPI had lost made him quite aggressive. He used to attack the people treating him. But with lots of love and little bit of patience from us, he regained his trust and now he is quite friendly and lovable. We are doing our best to make him feel comfortable and will stay with us for as long he is alive or adopted.


PFA Agra thanks everyone out there who made this possible by giving us donations. Yet another life rescued and saved by all of us. THANK YOU !!

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A page from the life of PFA Agra
  • Cecilia, a french citizen, came to India to take with her to France a dog that she had adopted when she came to the shelter as a volunteer. She came to India recently to stay in the shelter for a week and to bond with Indi. Both are now in France.
  • An FIR has finally been filed with Thana Hari-Parbat against the roadways which tragically killed Casper, a beloved pet dog of our active PFA Agra member Mrs. Vineeta Sabharwal.

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