Hospital And Shelter

Land as we got in 2001

Shelter as is existing today (180° view from entrance)

The construction of the PFA Agra animal hospital was completed in the year 2003 and is built over an area of 2 acres (8,000 sqm Approx.). It has the following wards:

  • Clinic and Administrative Area
  • Operating Room
  • Small Animal Shed which includes 1 ward for blind dogs, 1 cat ward and 2 wards for accident victims
  • Large Animal Shed for healthy cattle
  • Large Animal Shed for incapacitated cattle
  • ABC Ward
  • OPD (Out Patients Department)
  • Quarters for Staff and Guest Room
  • Isolation ward for rabid dogs
  • Isolation ward for parvo dogs
  • Isolation ward for large animals
  • 2 wards for paralysed dogs
  • Dog Hostel