Sponsor An Animal

Sponsor a Dog

To sponsor a dog, all you need is a loving and compassionate heart and a willingness to do something for the street dogs / abandoned pets / handicapped dogs etc.

At PFA Agra, we have around 200 dogs who need your love and blessing. You can show them you care for them by sponsoring them. You can become a guardian for these dogs. At Rs.1000/- a month you can own a beloved pet, whom you call your own, but we at PFA Agra will take care of them on your behalf. If you choose to sponsor for 1 year at one go, the yearly sponsorship fees will be Rs.10,000/- instead of Rs.12,000/-, provided you pay Rs.10,000 at one shot.

NOTE: People For Animals Agra is a registered Trust in India and all donations are entitled to exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 INDIA.

Once you have sponsored a pet, we will put your name against the sponsored pet and for how long you will sponsor. You can choose for how long you would like to sponsor. It can be for half a month (15 days), 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc or for lifetime.

In case you have taken a decision to sponsor, please read the following steps and condition to proceed further.

1. Send us a mail at suratprasad@pfa-agra.org to let us know the name of the dog you would like to sponsor and for how long you would like to sponsor.

2. Check donations page to see different ways of sending the money. You can also send us online donation via our fundraiser

3. Once the transfer is done, let us know at the above mentioned email id. As soon as we receive the amount, we will put your name against the pet being sponsored by you.

4. We will create a Whatsapp group with you to share updates on your sponsored animal. In case you are staying in Agra, you can always come to visit your pet and spend time with him / her. In case we forget to update you, you can always ask us for updates in the group that we create for you. Therefore, please send us your Whatsapp number at suratprasad@pfa-agra.org . Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

5. In case of medical illness or death, we will inform you.

6. Condition: In case you transferred the money for 1 year and the pet dies before the time has elapsed, the remaining amount will be used to sponsor another dog of your choice or we will choose one for you. In the end, it is all about caring for all of our four legged friends and being a part of this big circle of compassion.


Hi, I am Cherry. I am blind. I was born on the streets with beautiful normal eyes, going about my life when one day, to my utter horror, I was caught by a village drunk. I had to endure terrible pain and agony, as I screamed in pain while my eyes were gauged out by the man. I was helpless, dying slowly and was in terrible pain. Thanks to some villagers, who took pity on me, I was brought to PFA Agra. They saved my life and let me live at the shelter. Since then this is my home, this is my life. 

Become a guardian of our Cherry. Let her know all humans are not as cruel as she, unfortunately, had to encounter.
Sponsored by: Annie Beal From: 30th March 2017 Till: 31st Dec 2019 Country: UK


Belly came to us as a little pup and could not see very well. Since beginning she had things sorted out in her mind. She knew she didn't want to stay in the nursery with other pups and wanted to be free like other adult dogs. She is one of the sweetest little girl you can find. She comes to you quietly, If you notice her, well and good, you can give her kisses and pick her up, and if you somehow don't notice her, she will quietly turn away and go back to doing what she was doing. A wonderful sweetheart she is :-) Today, she can see clearly. 

Sponsored by: Kerstin Meinecke  From: 1st March 2016 Till: 30th April 2019 Country: Germany

Moon came to us via our helpline. She had met in an accident and the fore legs were hurt. With time she regained the strength in her fore legs but now her hind legs are giving her problem. But she is with us in our shelter and well cared for. She will always be with us. She is very sweet and very loving. One can easily pet her and she even loves getting attention :-)

Sponsored by: Cheryl and Sunny From: 1st March 2019 Till: 29 Feb 2020 Country: US

My name is Morgan. I came to the shelter as a pup of about 2 months old. I was lying on the road emaciated with tongue protruding out, mouth foaming - all in all, I was in a critical condition. I was lying there unconscious, waiting for someone to help me out. Luckily I was spotted by a PFA Agra staff member who immediately picked me up and put me on his scooter. He brought me straight to the shelter where I was given necessary medical treatment, help and love. Due to my high fever and critical condition, I lost the use of my legs. I was not able to walk. Both my hind legs were totally paralysed. But these people didnt give up on me. They made me do some exercise to strengthen my legs. Finally after 2 months of hard work, I was able to stand and then slowly I started walking. Today I can run also!!!

Sponsored by: Vishwas KHANNA  From: 1st March Till: 31st July Country: India

I was born on the streets and thats the only life I knew. I was a small puppy, running on the streets, trying to find food to survive. One day a speeding vehicle crushed my little paw and I was bleeding and in pain. Somebody called PFA Agra helpline and they came to rescue me. Since then I am staying with them. I have grown up now and this is my life. I run around and enjoy and also have a lot of doggy friends :-) I love to sit in water wherever I can find it

Sponsored by: ____________ From: _________ Till: ________ Country: _______

Leo was brought to the shelter by his masters who told us that they want to keep him in the dog hostel for a few days. We took their name, address and phone number and admitted Leo in the dog hostel. Unfortunately, at that time, we didnt know he was being abandoned. After a few days when no one came to pick him up, we called the mobile number given to enquire as to when he will be picked up. Sadly, the mobile was always switched off. Now he is with us in the shelter and will stay with us. He was very aggressive in the beginning but with time, he has mellowed down. He is now the boss of the shelter :-)

Sponsored by: _____________ From: _____________ Till: _____________ Country: ____________

This beauty is unfortunately blind and was brought to our shelter. Winston is a very friendly dog who was guided by another dog, Yogi in our shelter. When his friend Yogi was excited and greeted somebody, Winston did the same... Unfortunately Yogi got very sick and died. Now we have put Winston in a special run in for "weak and frightened dogs" where he can stay securely with 3 other dogs.

Sponsored by: _________ From: _______ Till: ________ Country: _______

She was brought to us because she was pregnant. She gave birth to 6 puppies but unfortunately none of them survived. She decided nevertheless to stay in our shelter. Yamuna is a very kind and affectionate girl. She also gets well along with other dogs. She is a beauty with wonderful expressive eyes. She is really a special dog - looking at her one has the feeling that she exudes total calmness...

Sponsored by: ________ From: ____________ Till: _________ Country: _________

Berry is blind but hates to be in confinement. That is why we let him go free in our shelter. He found his spot which is near the kitchen and where he is fed separately. But he knows exactly when another dog comes too near his bowl. In such a case he growls to intimidate. Otherwise he prefers to be on his own, finding a nice spot to lie down, a bit away from the others.

Sponsored by: ________ From: __________ Till: ___________ Country: __________

A long time ago we saw a dog with just a little hole in his head. Unfortunately we could not get him then but we finally got him later and he was brought to the shelter for treatment. On recovery he was again left at the place he came from. Then later he met with an accident and had hurt his leg. He was again treated and after he was okay was again left at the same place. We used to see him from time to time. Then we didn't see him for quite some time but then last year he was back again with a head wound. As we got familiar with him (being unfortunately a regular patient) we had named him Nehra. He got used to the shelter life and gets along with the other dogs. Only with people he is quite suspicious and it is better not to touch him. But we are quite hopeful that in the future he will appreciate the human caressing hand.

Sponsored by: __________ From: ___________ Till: ____________ Country: __________

I am one of the lucky few who was born in the shelter and has been living here since then. I am a shelter girl :-) My mother was brought by Nagar Nigam to PFA Agra for ABC operation. They didnt realise that she was already pregnant. Thats how I was born. PFA Agra has always been my home and my life. 

Will you sponsor me so that my friends can also have a steady and happy life in the shelter..?

Sponsored by: ______________ From: ____________ Till: _____________ Country: ____________

I was a pup born on the streets, as many others. One day I met with an accident and was lying unconscious on the street, all alone, awaiting death. My forehead was bleeding and fractured. Bone was sticking out from my forehead. One kind hearted person saw my poor condition and took me to the PFA Agra shelter. There, my treatment started. I don't know how long I remained unconscious, but I heard people at the shelter say that I remained unconscious for quite a number of days. I was too weak and recovery took a long one month. People at the shelter didnt give up on me. They persisted in their efforts.

Sponsored by: ____________  From: ____________ Till: ____________ Country: ____________

Coco came to us because he is very aggressive. His masters could not deal with his aggression so he was left here. That is also the reason why he is on a leash. When other dogs come near him he does not react aggressively but unfortunately with people, he does. Only one of our staff is able to approach him. We don't know what happened to him but surely his aggression towards people is the result of bad treatment. We don�t judge him for that and love him for what he is. We know he can never get adopted, so PFA Agra is his home now.

Sponsored by: ____________ From: ____________ Till: ____________ Country: ____________

She is a survivor of CD (Canine Distemper) and we call her the "Dancing Queen" because her little "tic" is that she is slightly bobbing up and down a bit when walking. She is a very sweet dog and loves to be caressed. She really had a hard fight with her illness till she got over it. She is kind and gets along very well with the other dogs...

Sponsored by: ____________ From: ____________ Till: ____________ Country: ____________

Lucky is an accident case and came to us paralysed. Luckily after some time and lot of striving, he is now able to walk - not really straight and steady - but he can move. With the time and exercise it will surely become better. He is still feeling a bit insecure and keeps away from the other dogs. But we think that when he is able to move quicker and more steadily he will feel more comfortable.

Sponsored by: ____________ From: ____________ Till: ____________ Country: ____________

This poor boy was caught in a crossfire between two factions with air pellets. He was brought to us a few days later with an injured leg. Unfortunately by the time he came to us, the wound had already become septic and the limb had to be amputated. Luckily Hero is now fit and fine. He is very fast on his three legs. Unfortunately the people who brought him did not want him back so he became a member of the PFA Agra family and will reside in the shelter.

Sponsored by: ____________ From: ____________ Till: ____________ Country: ____________

Rosa is also one of the blind dogs and prefers to be free in the shelter. She stays near the office or even inside. There she feels safe. As it is quite crowded there, she bumps sometimes into other dogs and they give a short growl to her but that's it. She is a quiet and friendly dog and probably can see some shadows. When she enters the office, she walks along the wall and cupboards until she has found her special corner :-)

Sponsored by: ____________ From: ____________ Till: ____________ Country: ____________

Caro came to us as a puppy in 2009. He was lucky and rescued by a dutch lady some years ago and is living in the shelter since. When he became an adult and stronger he decided to become the boss of the shelter. It took some time but finally he succeeded. He was not the perfect boss, a bit bully and liked to threaten the timid dogs. But with the time he became wiser to reign his kingdom. Now others try to push him from his throne...

Sponsored by: ____________ From: ____________ Till: ____________ Country: ____________
We THANK YOU in advance for your willingness to sponsor a beautiful soul and sending them your blessings. As a community, we have to rise up and show our four legged companions that they are not alone. We all stand TOGETHER with them. Become a part of this circle of compassion.

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