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Sponsor a Dog

To sponsor a dog, all you need is a loving and compassionate heart and a willingness to do something for the street dogs / abandoned pets / handicapped dogs etc.

At PFA Agra, we have around 150 dogs who need your love and blessing. You can show them you care for them by sponsoring them. You can become a guardian for these dogs. At Rs.1000/- a month you can own a beloved pet, whom you call your own, but we at PFA Agra will take care of them on your behalf. If you choose to sponsor for 1 year at one go, the yearly sponsorship fees will be Rs.10,000/- instead of Rs.12,000/-, provided you pay Rs.10,000 at one shot.

NOTE: People For Animals Agra is a registered Trust in India and all donations are entitled to exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 INDIA.

Once you have sponsored a pet, we will put your name against the sponsored pet and for how long you will sponsor. You can choose for how long you would like to sponsor. It can be for half a month (15 days), 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc or 1 year.

In case you have taken a decision to sponsor, please read the following steps and condition to proceed further.

1. Send us a mail at suratprasad@pfa-agra.org to let us know the name of the dog you would like to sponsor and for how long you would like to sponsor.

2. Check donations page to see different ways of sending the money. You can also send us online donation via our fundraiser

3. Once the transfer is done, let us know at the above mentioned email id. As soon as we receive the amount, we will put your name against the pet being sponsored by you.

4. We will create a Whatsapp group with you to share updates on your sponsored animal. In case you are staying in Agra, you can always come to visit your pet and spend time with him / her. In case we forget to update you, you can always ask us for updates in the group that we create for you. Therefore, please send us your Whatsapp number at suratprasad@pfa-agra.org . Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

5. In case of medical illness or death, we will inform you.

6. Condition: In case you transferred the money for 1 year and the pet dies before the time has elapsed, the remaining amount will be used to sponsor another dog of your choice or we will choose one for you. In the end, it is all about caring for all of our four legged friends and being a part of this big circle of compassion.


Hi, I am Cherry. I am blind. I was born on the streets with beautiful normal eyes, going about my life when one day, to my utter horror, I was caught by a village drunk. I had to endure terrible pain and agony, as I screamed in pain while my eyes were gauged out by the man. I was helpless, dying slowly and was in terrible pain. Thanks to some villagers, who took pity on me, I was brought to PFA Agra. They saved my life and let me live at the shelter. Since then this is my home, this is my life. 

Become a guardian of our Cherry. Let her know all humans are not as cruel as she, unfortunately, had to encounter.
Sponsored by: Annie Beal From: 30th March 2017 Till: 31st Dec 2023 Country: UK


Raja came to us in a very serious condition. Both his hind legs were crushed in an accident and he was bleeding profusely.
Unfortunately we had to amputate his crushed hind legs. He has completely healed now and explores the shelter on his 2 front legs like any other dog :-) You can check out his complete video on our youtube channel. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8YDCKonGKQ

Sponsored by: Cathy Schultz Poelzer  From: 16th Jan 2020 Till: 31st Jan 2024Country: Canada

I was born on the streets and thats the only life I knew. I was a small puppy, running on the streets, trying to find food to survive. One day a speeding vehicle crushed my little paw and I was bleeding and in pain. Somebody called PFA Agra helpline and they came to rescue me. Since then I am staying with them. I have grown up now and this is my life. I run around and enjoy and also have a lot of doggy friends :-) I love to sit in water wherever I can find it

Sponsored by: ___________ From: ______________ Till: ______________ Country: _______

Leo was brought to the shelter by his masters who told us that they want to keep him in the dog hostel for a few days. We took their name, address and phone number and admitted Leo in the dog hostel. Unfortunately, at that time, we didnt know he was being abandoned. After a few days when no one came to pick him up, we called the mobile number given to enquire as to when he will be picked up. Sadly, the mobile was always switched off. Now he is with us in the shelter and will stay with us. He was very aggressive in the beginning but with time, he has mellowed down. He is now the boss of the shelter :-)

Sponsored by: Elke WINKLER From: 1st May 2019 Till: 30th April 2024 Country: Germany

Patch was brought to the shelter by a kind lady who spotted him with a fractured front leg. He was treated in the shelter and is now part of the PFA Agra family. As the name suggests, he has a black patch on his eye and little black shade on his ear. He is a super friendly baby. .

Sponsored by: Kath DANE and Spencer DANE From: 9th NOV 2019 Till: 31st MAY 2024 Country: UK and Canada

Floss came to us in Dec 2020 as a very small puppy of around 1.5 months. She was found sitting on a roadside with heavy traffic. She was scared and confused. There were no siblings or mother to be found. She was all alone and seemed to be an orphan. Someone noticed her state and brought her to the shelter. She is now part of the PFA Agra family.

Sponsored by: Kath DANE and Spencer DANE From: 27th MAR 2021 Till: 31st MAR 2024 Country: UK and Canada

Sapphire had come to us with broken forelimbs, both of them. Most probably in an accident. She used to drag herself to move around. After she was admitted, she got the necessary treatment and recovered fully. Today she is able to walk, run and play without any problems, like any normal dog

Sponsored by: Kath DANE and Spencer DANE From: 22nd APR 2022 Till: 30th APR 2024 Country: UK and Canada

This poor boy was caught in a crossfire between two factions with air pellets. He was brought to us a few days later with an injured leg. Unfortunately by the time he came to us, the wound had already become septic and the limb had to be amputated. Luckily Hero is now fit and fine. He is very fast on his three legs. Unfortunately the people who brought him did not want him back so he became a member of the PFA Agra family and will reside in the shelter.

Sponsored by: Elke WINKLER From: 15th NOV 2019 Till: 15th NOV 2023 Country: Germany

Tracy was admitted as an accident victim. She had injury on her front leg and was kept in our ICU ward. When treating and observing her, the medical staff realised that she was banging into walls. It was then realised that she was blind and maybe that's why she had met with an accident also. Once her injury healed, she was moved into our blind ward.

Sponsored by: Sangeeta and Krishanu From: 24th Jan 2020 Till: 31st Jan 2024 Country: India

Chintan came to us through our helpline. A person informed us that a dog who was lying injured in Sadar Bazar Agra. After it reached us we came to know about his visual impairment issues which could have been aggravated due to the head injury. But, due to his commendable will power and the concerted efforts of our medical team we were able to bring him back to full health. By the look of his face today one can't guess that this sweetheart was severely injured less than a year ago. It looks like the saying "if there's a will there's a way" certainly holds true for our Chintan.

Sponsored by: Kerstin Meinecke From: 1st May 2019 Till: 30th Sept 2023 Country: Germany

Toffee was an orphan puppy when he came to us. His mother had died and he had stopped eating. So someone brought him to the shelter. Gradually he started eating and is this shelter is his home now. He is a very friendly dog

Sponsored by: Danica and Caroline From: 23rd Mar 2021 Till: 30th Nov 2023 Country: UK

This is Jojo. Jojo came to us as a paralysed dog. We think he was abandoned due to his paralysis. Now he is able to walk a little but not steadily. He will also be staying with us in the shelter for as long as he lives due to his condition. He has a weak hind

Sponsored by: Cheryl and Sunny From: 1st April 2020 Till: 30th APR 2024 Country: Canada

Scruffy was admitted in the shelter because she was not eating at all. She has been with us for around 4 years now. She loves it here in the shelter. In the picture you see her sitting on the boundary wall. That's her favourite spot. We call it Scruffy's perch :-)

Sponsored by: Cheryl and Sunny From: 23rd AUG 2020 Till: 30th APR 2024 Country: Canada

This is Julie. She came to us as a little puppy who was seriously injured. Her left leg was broken. She was lying in the Agra Cantt station and luckily people noticed her horrible situation and informed us. She came in October 2017. She has become a beautiful, lovely girl with long legs.

Sponsored by: Cheryl and Sunny From: 23rd AUG 2020 Till: 30th APR 2024 Country: Canada

Taffy was born in the shelter. Her mother was admitted for an injury due to accident. 2 months later she delivered this female baby. For Taffy, this shelter is the only home she has known :-) She is a playful girl and keeps running around the shelter

Sponsored by: ___________________ From: ________________ Till: _______________ Country: ____________

This is King. He had met with a very serious accident. THe accident was so serious that his lower jaw got fractured into 2 parts. According to the doctor the lower jaw had to be removed completely to stop it from being infected. The recovery was very slow but with time King adapted to this new situation and today he is healthy, full of life and is very loving and friendly

Sponsored by: Kathrin SIMONSMEIER From: 1st FEB 2023 Till: 31st JAN 2024 Country: Germany

Shera was admitted due to a fractured shoulder. After healing, he continued staying in the shelter. He likes to be with humans and be petted

Sponsored by: _________________ From: _____________ Till: _____________ Country: ___________

Debra had fallen into a drum of Tar. Luckily someone saw her falling and rushed to her aid. She was pulled out of the drum and was admitted to our hospital. With all this tar on her, our staff had to act fast. Tar was solidifying, uncasing her in it. It was fully stuck to her body. Just removing the tar was a big challenge. It took hours of work and to completely remove the tar, it took almost a week. Her skin was raw and she had stopped eating. First 3 days she didn't eat anything and was kept on drips, was given antibiotics and other supportive treatments. For her skin, silver nitrate cream was being applied to help her with the burning. Finally on the 4th day she started eating on her own. There was hope. Today her skin has fully healed and her blood report also came back normal. She is active also, and very friendly

Sponsored by: _____________From: ___________ Till: _____________ Country: ________


Grammy had met with an accident and had a fracture. She was a little girl when she came and therefore continued to stay here in the shelter. She is quite a friendly girl

Sponsored by: ________________ From: _____________ Till: ________________ Country: ___________
We THANK YOU in advance for your willingness to sponsor a beautiful soul and sending them your blessings. As a community, we have to rise up and show our four legged companions that they are not alone. We all stand TOGETHER with them. Become a part of this circle of compassion.

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