People For Animals Agra (in short PFA Agra) is an animal welfare organization that spearheads a popular movement for respecting all life on this earth and is a small but crucial part of India’s growing environment awareness. PFA Agra is the Agra chapter of the Animals welfare NGO started by India‚Äôs popular animal activist Ms.Maneka Gandhi.

PFA Agra has been in operation since 1998 and has, since then, come a long distance from its humble beginnings. In the initial days we had no staff, no premises and no resources. The only thing that we did have was our love for animals and a desire to help them in their suffering. We aimed to create a safe haven for these poor souls, where they could live in peace without fear of cruelty. From treating animals on the roadside, we have reached a stage where we run a full-fledged animal hospital which was completed in July 2003.

PFA Agra in its mission to help the stray animals of the city of Agra, has been involved with various facets of animal welfare. Since our inception in 1998, we have grown in size and scope of operation.

We have been working earnestly for the last decade to help stray animals in Agra and create awareness towards their plight. Undoubtedly we have been successful in improving the condition of the animals in the city of Agra while helping create a climate of more peaceful co-existence between them and humans. On the front of fund raising, we have been able to generate some funds over the years. However, we have not yet reached a stage of complete self-sustenance. To help us increase the scope of our activities we need funding from like-minded donors who believe in our vision and understand the work that we do. We hope that this website will help you to understand the work that our organisation is doing and why it is important. We sincerely hope that you will consider our organisation worthy enough for your donation and help us in supporting our stray animals.