Because the stray animals do not belong to a single organization. They are the responsibility of each and every citizen. The fact that you have come to this page means you have a compassionate heart and the desire to do something for the betterment of stray animals. With a yearly donation of Rs.2000 (~30 Euros) or more, you can do wonders!

We are looking for 1200 people who can give the stray animals continuous and long term unwavering support!!


Imagine this: You are going on the road and someone with a speeding vehicle hits you and leaves you lying on the road. You are bleeding and you are in agony….you wish someone would help you out, but everyone is too busy with their own routine and their race for survival that they don’t bother to lend a helping hand. You keep lying there and wait…a wait which never ends. You keep waiting…1 day, 2 days….you don’t know…it seems like eternity. Slowly the pain fades because the body is giving up….it is slowly drifting towards death. You are hungry, you are thirsty but you can’t do anything about it, except wait….the looooong never ending wait…and you finally die…..unloved and uncared for in your time of need….Does this scenario strike a chord in your heart?

Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening to most of the animals on the street. I still remember the day when PFA Agra was not yet in existence. My daughter was driving the car in the morning when she saw a cow in a pool of blood in the middle of the road. A truck had run over its leg and it was in agony …but no one bothered to stop and help. Everyone overtook the cow and went about their own business as if the cow didn’t exist for them… no one gave it a second thought. But we are humans, we are supposed to be more conscious and compassionate as compared to an animal. Isn’t it?  Then how do we just ignore the pain of another living being? Have we become that hard hearted that nothing bothers us till we meet with the same fate? That one incident motivated us to start a platform where injured stray animals could be taken and cared for in their time of need. Thus PFA Agra, a circle of compassion, for the welfare of stray animals was formed. This is the significance and the essence of PFA Agra. Unfortunately this platform is on the brink of closing down because we don’t have enough funds to sustain it any longer. This is an urgent to all animal lovers worldwide to help us help the strays.

If you can identify with our cause, please don’t hesitate and dive right in! Become a part of the Circle of Compassion. All you have to do is give a yearly donation of Rs.2000 (~30 Euros) or more! That is it. Not a lot, but if you see the positive effect it can have for the strays, the outcome is PRICELESS. Thousands of voiceless in need are heard. Click here to become a part of this beautiful circle.

What expenditures will be paid by my donations?

PFA Agra is a platform for like minded people to come together and do something for the animals. The maintenance of this platform needs money, which means that the amount of animals treated by us is directly proportional to the amount of donation we collect for the month. So don’t hesitate to be a part of this great community project of helping our animals. You as a member of the community decide how many animals can be treated.

Every year we have increase in the number of animals to be treated which also demands more resources. Today our monthly expenditure has reached approx. Rs. 2,50,000 (2.5 lakhs) or ~3000 EUROs.

Don’t hesitate to come forward to help the animals on the streets. Don’t give up on them because they have no where else to go. Besides doing a good deed, you all get small tokens of appreciation. You receive a Welcome Kit.