Sponsor An Animal

Sponsor a Cat

To sponsor a cat, all you need is a loving and compassionate heart and a willingness to do something for the stray cats who come to us due to an accident.

You can show them you care for them by sponsoring them. You can become a guardian for these cats. At Rs.1000/- a month you can own a beloved pet, whom you call your own, but we at PFA Agra will take care of them on your behalf. If you choose to sponsor for 1 year at one go, the yearly sponsorship fees will be Rs.10,000/- instead of Rs.12,000/-, provided you pay Rs.10,000 at one shot.

NOTE: People For Animals Agra is a registered Trust in India and all donations are entitled to exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 INDIA.

Once you have sponsored a pet, we will put your name against the sponsored pet and for how long you will sponsor. You can choose for how long you would like to sponsor. It can be for half a month (15 days), 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc or for lifetime.

In case you have taken a decision to sponsor, please read the following steps and condition to proceed further.

1. Send us a mail at suratprasad@pfa-agra.org to let us know the name of the dog you would like to sponsor and for how long you would like to sponsor.

2. Send us your money. Check donations page to see different ways of sending the money.

3. Once the transfer is done, let us know at the above mentioned email id. As soon as we receive the amount, we will put your name against the pet being sponsored by you and send you a scanned copy of the receipt of your sponsorship money. In case you want the receipt to be mailed, please send us your mailing address at the above mentioned email id.

4. Every 2 months, we will send you the most recent picture of your pet to let you know he / she is doing well. In case you are staying in Agra, you can always come to visit your pet and spend time with him / her. Since we are an NGO running short on staff and money, we are generally overburdened. In case we forget to update you, you can always send a mail at suratprasad@pfa-agra.org asking for an update. We will answer back within 48 hours. You could also drop us a message on facebook asking for the same. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

5. In case of medical illness or death, we will inform you.

6. Condition: In case you transferred the money for 1 year and the pet dies before the time has elapsed, the remaining amount will be used to sponsor another animal of your choice or we will choose one for you. In the end, it is all about caring for all of our four legged friends and being a part of this big circle of compassion.


This beauty came to us with a maggot wound on her back and paralysed. She had to spend some time in a cage for treatment. Catty recovered and above all she is one of the lucky ones who can walk again... So finally she could be transfered to the cat ward were she is staying with Pupa.

Sponsored by: Elke WINKLER  From: 1st Jan 2018 Till: 31st DEC 2018 Country: Germany

She came as an accident case with an injured leg. She is very suspicious towards any human and doesn't like at all to be touched. After she recovered she was put in the cat ward. But as soon as somebody comes into the cat wards, she is hiding. But we think with a lot of patience and care she will get more trustful and confident. Now she is living together with Catty in the cat ward. 


This cat came to us paralyzed. After sometime we noticed that she was trying to move and walk. So we put her in the cat ward so that she can have her exercise. And it got better from day to day. Now Pupa is even able to climb. She is shy and prefers to keep people at bay. Also with other cats she has problems, she prefers to stay alone. 

Sponsored by: Kathrin SIMONSMEIER From: 1st April 2017 Till: 31st Dec 2018 Country: Holland

This cat also came to us paralyzed but slowly she regained her ability to walk. She is quite a friendly cat and lets you pet without any problem. 

Sponsored by: Sandra MARIA DUARTE From: 14th Nov 2018 Till: 15th Nov 2019 Country: Brazil
We THANK YOU in advance for your willingness to sponsor a beautiful soul and sending them your blessings. As a community, we have to rise up and show our four legged companions that they are not alone. We all stand TOGETHER with them. Become a part of this circle of compassion.

Have Questions?

In case you have questions, clarifications or doubts, please dont hesitate to contact us at suratprasad@pfa-agra.org

We are waiting to hear from you.