Animal Birth Control

About Our ABC Program

One of the activities that is conducted all year round by us is ABC operations or Animal Birth Control Operations. The problem of dog population in our cities has suddenly come into everyone’s focus. The population of human beings has exploded over the past few decades and thus they now occupy much more space. Dogs have always lived in the vicinity of man and the two have co-existed for the longest time. However, due to the increase in human population and the consequent shortage of space for living, dogs are now suddenly seen as a menace. As a result of this, dogs are now at the receiving end of cruel treatment in a bid to kill them or drive them away from a particular colony. This is obviously a very shortsighted and an inhuman thing to do.

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In order to find a permanent solution to this problem, PFA Agra has taken upon itself the task of sterilization of dogs so that their population, over a period of time, can come under control and cruelty towards them decreases. Till date (30th Nov, 2009), PFA Agra has done 1599 ABC operations.

The entire operation is done in a very organized and systematic way.

  • A particular colony is first identified
  • The help of the members is sought
  • The dogs of the colony in question are caught and then transported to the PFA Agra hospital. 
  • At the hospital our VOIC conducts the sterilization operation on the dog
  • After it has been sterilized, it is kept in observation and post-operative care for a period of 3 days
  • Once the dogs regain their health and are given the green signal by the VOIC, we return them to the colony from where they had been picked.