• PFA Agra: A home for sick, abandoned and injured strays
    Helping those who cannot help themselves
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  • We take care of Animals
    PFA Agra : a community-service to help the strays. Calling out to the community to join hands with us to help them
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We try our best to help a suffering animal

About Us

PFA Agra in its mission to help the stray animals of the city of Agra, has been involved with various facets of animal welfare. Since our inception in 1998, we have grown in size and scope of operation.

PFA Agra has been working earnestly for the last decade to help stray animals in Agra and create awareness towards their plight. Undoubtedly we have been successful in improving the condition of the animals in the city of Agra while helping create a climate of more peaceful co-existence between them and humans.On the front of fund read more

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